Are you in pain?

Are you suffering from a muscle ache or injury?

Are you unsure where to go or who to ask?

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Massage Room
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You might not be completely sure what you need, but you know something hurts and it’s taking forever to get your socks on in the morning, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better!

My name’s Alex. Based in Desborough, Northamptonshire, I provide deep tissue and relaxation back, neck and leg massage for whatever ails you, with a sequence created based on your personal needs.

Massage carries a multitude of benefits for the individual. But, if you have any questions or worries before booking in please just send me a message and I’ll let you know with complete honesty if I can help.

Massage doesn't have to be restricted to an expensive spa weekend.

Often times when people think about getting a massage, they imagine it might be nice, but not really do anything to solve their pain problems.

So maybe some tablets from the GP?

Get some homework from a physiotherapist?

And a month later realise you're still suffering.

Here at Ehipassiko Massage, there is a middle way. Countless clients have left these doors amazed that they were able to move well again without having to 'suffer' the elbows and tools of a sports therapy treatment, or the nice but ultimately unsuccessful spa experience.

I strongly believe that you can get an effective, curative service for pain relief, with the comfortable atmosphere to keep you coming back without feeling like it's another painful chore!


What's in a name?

Ehipassiko is a Pali word, the language the Buddha used. It basically means don't believe anything I tell you! Come and see for yourself. When I heard this, I knew it's what I was all about. Not trying to sell people on something that doesn't exist, but relying on reality and experience to tell you where to go. 

Rather than taking my word for it, I encourage you to check out the reviews, and try it out for yourself.

It has 5 spoken sounds, with the same stress on each syllable.